LOUISVILLE, Ky. (WDRB) -- When firefighters call each other brothers, they mean it. 

Matt Logsdon knew that. He has had "family" across Kentucky, from the time he was a volunteer in Jefferson County to his tenure with Lexington Fire.

And it's not easy when a loved one gets the diagnosis that Logsdon did earlier this year. 

"Not a smoker, just a fireman. It was something that was not expected at all," he explained in a February interview.

Stage 4 cancer was taking over his liver, lungs, spine and skull.

Fellow Lexington firefighters picked up his shifts so he could get a paycheck while traveling to Chicago for crucial cancer treatments.

Logsdon felt the love.

"It's surprising. It's shocking. It's humbling. Dealing with stage four cancer is obviously terrible, but at the same time, it's been amazing," he said in February.

The news of Logsdon's passing Wednesday morning at Norton Hospital has hit his family, friends and community hard.

Gov. Matt Bevin tweeted about it, writing that Logsdon was a hero.

Secretary of State Grimes posted a picture on Facebook of the two together and said his family will be taken care of. 

"Senate Bill 195 ensures Matt's fight was not in vain. And that because of his brave service to Lexington and Kentucky, his family will receive line of duty death benefits," Grimes said.

That legislation was formally made law in April. Grimes said it insures the Logsdons will be among the first to get the benefits for a firefighter passing away from cancer. 

While that won't take care of every single thing, when it comes to his family's needs, there will be plenty of back-up.

"Just because Matt's gone, it doesn't mean we're going to dump them and lay them aside. Whatever they need, let us know," said Dustin Whited, Lexington Fire Captain. 

"If it's plumbing or mowing the yard or moving, or whatever they need, we're here for them."

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