WADDY, Ky. (WDRB) -- Have you ever dreamed of owning an airfield? Here's your chance. The only catch is you'll have to continue a legacy. 

If you fly over Miles Field in Shelby County and blink, you might miss it.

"It's a lot of fun telling people that my mom owns an airport and they're like, 'Really? Where's there an airport? You're talking about the one in Frankfort?'" said Teresa Belden. "No, we're talking about the grass strip in Waddy, Kentucky."

That grass strip is Miles Field -- also affectionately known as "Pat's Paradise." Local pilots know the place well. 

"Once Dad bought it and he opened it up for people to fly into, they called it 'Pat's Paradise,'" said Belden. "Everybody at the flight school would say, 'We're going to Pat's Paradise! We're going to Pat's Paradise!' And they'd all fly out here."

Miles Field was born in the 1970s, before the Patterson family ever dreamed of owning an airfield of their own.

"It was something that Dad had always wanted to do," Belden said. "He was building planes when we were little. We would be in the house hearing the rivet guns go off all night long while him and his buddies were in the garage building planes."

Helen Patterson, Pat's widow, says her late husband loved flying from the very beginning.

"His first little airplane was one of them on a string, and he flew it around in our backyard, and it hit the garage, and he told his next door neighbor, Tom, 'This is for the birds. Let's go to Bowman Field and learn how to fly.' And that's what happened," Helen Patterson said.

Pat and Helen bought Miles Field in the 1990s.

"It was good to see him get his goal," Belden said. "He worked hard in construction all his life, and the one thing he loved to do was fly. So, when he was able to buy his dream, it was very exciting."

He spent most of his time building, fixing and flying.

"Every night, seven days a week," Patterson said.

Pat suffered a stroke several years ago which prevented him from flying again. However, that didn't stop his love for planes. 

"He could sure work on them, look at them or make sure they were put together right," Patterson said.

Friends would often fly in, landing on the 3,000-foot grass strip and staying for lunch or dinner.

"They chit-chat about my airplane, your airplane -- you know how men are," Patterson said. "They have to have something to talk about other than golf, so they love to talk about airplanes."

Pat passed away three years ago. The latest fly-in in May was the last at Pat's Paradise.

"It's time to sell it and let the new owners enjoy it as much as Mom and Dad did," Belden said.

It's the end of an era, with 26 acres of memories now for sale.

"I has to remain an airport, that's the catch," Patterson said.

"It's a little bitter-sweet, but Mom will be happy because somebody else will be here who will make it active again -- because the activity decreased when Dad died," Belden said. "So it would be good to have more pilots here and somebody working on the place in the shop and people flying in and out. That's what it's for: for people to fly in and out."

The house, tie-downs, hangars, maintenance shop, equipment and tools are all for sale. The price tag is $450,000. For more information, contact Realtor Garrett Ackles of GoodLifeXperience, powered by Semonin Realtors at (502) 645-2943 or Garrett@GarrettAckles.com.

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