LOUISVILLE, Ky. (WDRB) -- It's been talked about for 20 years, but now the new Iroquois Park North Overlook finally has an end in sight after months of delays.

The grand opening is expected to be late summer.

The original completion date was slated for early spring, but it kept being pushed back because of the weather.

“Mother nature has not been very kind,” said Metro Parks Assistant Director Marty Storch. “The soils in Iroquois Park don't drain very well.”

That has created a big problem for the contractor working on the site.

“If they bring in large pieces of equipment to do the work, they'll wind up doing more damage than they do good,” said Olmsted Parks Project Director Major Waltman.

The sitting wall looking out over the Louisville skyline and southern Indiana also set the project back about four months. In wanting to keep with the native geology of the area, park officials chose to use sandstone and siltstone, but they could only get that rock from Indiana.

“The quarry was having trouble getting into their very remote quarry site, mining this rock, because of their weather,” Waltman said.

But according to Storch, there is good news amid all the bad news.

“It's not just going to be the North Overlook," he said. "It's really the amenities that make this project so strong."

More money from Metro Council means the project now includes a picnic grove area, walking trails and more parking, which Storch says it what many people wanted.

Since park officials said they are concerned about vandalism, a security camera will be installed, but this isn't just any camera.

“It's what is called a smart camera, and it will talk to people and it will be monitored 24/7,” Waltman said.

The hope is that it will prevent any problems before they even happen.

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