LOUISVILLE, Ky. (WDRB) You've likely seen an AT&T truck or two near your home. For the first time, Louisville households will see their fastest Internet speeds yet. Before that happens, crews are making sure homes are equipped with fiber.

"We've been putting fiber into Louisville since the 1980s," Hood  Harris, AT&T Kentucky President said.

Louisville has almost 200,000 miles of Internet fiber. That's enough to wrap around the world eight times. However, the latest round of installations means super-fast gigabit connections, coming straight to homes.

While Louisville waits for Google Fiber to come to town, AT&T is making it happen now.

"You can download a full HD video in 36 seconds. That's incredibly fast," Harris said.

AT&T is calling its gigabit service, GigaPower. The connection is tens or hundreds of times faster than what is available in the area now.

"The main thing, if you think about it, is this is something the consumers are demanding today. We're meeting consumer demand," Harris said.

Right now, the company is making sure homes are ready. Technicians are installing the fiber-optic wire daily, on cable line or underground, moving throughout neighborhoods across the city. 

"When somebody orders a service, this is mounted on the pole or the strand. We come out and unscrew the protective cover," Joel Warren, Area Manager of AT&T's Engineering said. "They come in, screw it in, run it to the house, ready to go."

AT&T will launch the service in phases, becoming available later this year.

"Coming soon. I think people are going to be really surprised when it launches and really thrilled to see the service in action," Hood said.

Households in other markets are paying between $70 and $100 per month. Local customers can expect similar rates.


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