LOUISVILLE, Ky. (WDRB) -- Louisville Zoo officials say a 38-year-old male Burmese python that lived at the zoo has died.

The news was issued in a release on Tuesday.

The python, named Monty, arrived at the zoo in 1981.

Officials say Monty had been diagnosed with lymphoma and had not been eating well and was losing weight.

The Louisville Zoo's veterinary and HerpAquarium teams decided to euthanize the snake.

"These decisions are never made lightly," said Zoo Veterinarian Dr. Zoli Gyimesi in a release. "Our goal is to provide high quality care and that extends to making tough end-of-life decisions when welfare is compromised and the prognosis is poor."

Monty received an Honorable Mention award in the Kentucky Veterinary Medical Association Kentucky Animal Hall of Fame in 2006.

Officials say that in the 35 years Monty lived at the Louisville Zoo, he never once bit anyone.

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