HILLVIEW, Ky. (WDRB) – A man is accused of stealing a generator  from a pawn shop in Bullitt County, and then coming back to do something similar weeks later.

Owner of Bullitt County Pawn Craig Brown says he has video showing a man stealing a generator from his store back on June 18.

“He had to work,” Brown said. “It was probably 100-pound generator on wheels, and we've got him on camera carting it off right by the door.”

Video shows the man Brown believes is the thief walk in the store and look around and then leave. However, as he leaves, video shows him wheeling off a generator that was outside. 

“It was several hundred dollars. It was a pretty nice one. It's a painful thing to lose,” Brown said.

Brown keeps large items like generators and tillers chained up outside during the day.

“We come out and find an opening and a cut cable in front of it,” Brown said.

Brown thought that would be the end of it. Then three weeks later, Brown says the man came back into his store.

“Shocking at first,” Brown said. “Like disbelief. That can't be the same guy. Nobody would do that.”

At first, Brown said he didn’t recognize the man, but after closer inspection, he says it was the same guy.

“We started to look at him and noticed some things we saw on tape,” he said. “Tattoos he had and his basic body shape.”

By the time Brown and his employees realized who he was, the man had already left, but not before Brown says he tried to steal something else.

“He had cut a cable outside before he came in to try and steal an air conditioner,” Brown said. “Apparently we were too close to him to get away with it.”

Brown wants other store owners in the area to keep an eye out.

“I'd like for anyone who owns a store to be aware, if you see him, you better pay attention to what he's doing,” Brown said.

Hillview Police are investigating. 

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