CLEVELAND (WDRB) -- Kentucky Gov. Matt Bevin won't be speaking at the Republican national Convention tonight, but he played a starring role on a smaller stage earlier today. 

Bevin was part of the spotlight outside the convention hall. He was joined by the governors of Oklohoma and Georgia for a briefing on criminal justice reform. 

The three talked about what they're doing to improve the criminal justice system. 

Bevin pointed to his signing of a bipartisan bill to allow some felons to clear the records. 

"Here's what it boils down to: this is not a partisan issue," Bevin said. This is a human issue. Dignity transcends party. Self respect and respect for others, and the rule of law transcends party. 

The efforts of Bevin and the other two Republican governors were featured in a short film produced by the sponsor of the event, The Justice Reform Action Network. Later, I asked Bevin how he squares criminal justice reform with Trump's talk of being a law and order candidate. 

"The truth be told, there's nobody who doesn't respect dignity and the rule of law," Bevin said. "If we in fact simplify and focus our resources, we'll have more ability to truly police those who need to be policed and incarcerate those who need to be incarcerated."

This is Bevin's first GOP convention, and he's expected to be there for the rest of the week. 

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