After inspections this quarter, nearly 50 restaurants in the Metro area had violations with a failing score of 84 or below.

“A facility, as long as they score 85 or above with no critical violations, they'll score an 'A,'” Environmental Health Administrator Connie Mendel said. “So, that's the 'A' you see on the windows.

“Typically, we look for factors that could create foodborne illness."

Health inspectors are looking for general cleanliness like hand washing and glove use.

“We look for good sanitation of equipment. We want to make sure everything is clean, so equipment, utensils and surfaces,” Mendel said.

They pay close attention to food temperatures and if employees are eating, drinking or smoking while preparing food, among other factors.

“Certainly, we look at the structure. Is it structurally sound?” Mendel said. “There shouldn't be any openings to outside that aren't at least screened. We look for signs of rodents or insects, and that could be flies, mice roaches. Any type of infestations,” she said.

If a restaurant fails with a critical violation, managers have an opportunity to fix the issue before the restaurant is closed down.

“We will re-inspect and make sure whatever was wrong those days are not still there,” Mendel said.

Every restaurant on the list this quarter made the necessary corrections to continue business as usual with an A or a B score.

“We went ahead and worked through the night to go ahead and meet the requirements the health inspector was asking us to meet in terms of the maintenance issues,” said Nick Nowinski, owner of Baxter’s 942 Bar & Grill.  “Once those were rectified, they came in the next morning and gave us a 98 percent, and we were good to go,” he said.

In a statement from Brendon's Catch 23, management says:

"We were in shock and disbelief that our restaurant Brendon's Catch 23 received a subpar rating in May of this year, however we reached out to the health department immediately to question their findings and ask that they re-examine the restaurant. Two days after the initial inspection, they discovered that not only was our restaurant in compliance, but we received a perfect rating of 100."

 “It could just be that they're having a really bad day,” Mendel said.

“We haven't been shut down," Nowinski said. "We have been open for several months since the initial health inspection, and everything looks great."

The grading system is a pass or fail system. Restaurants either pass with an “A” rating or fail with a “C” rating. "B" ratings mean you passed the inspection, but you've had reoccurring inspection failures.

Some of the restaurants that received a "C" rating include Impellizerri's on Main Street, Indi's on Market Street and Mussel and Burger Bar on Taylorsville Road.

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