LOUISVILLE, Ky. (WDRB) -- The Floyd County Sheriff's Office is searching for a man who robbed a couple at gunpoint in their own home. 

It happened on Reinhardt Road in Lanesville on Wednesday morning. Ronald Kelly is the homeowner and says he woke up to a masked man dressed in camo pants and body armor in his living room.

Kelly says the suspect held him and his wife at gunpoint while searching for valuables throughout the house. 

"When he took us downstairs, I thought he was gonna kill both of us downstairs," Kelly said. 

He says the man was inside for about 20 minutes, calling the ordeal "terrible." 

We're told it all began before 7 a.m. Kelly's wife says she was backing out of the driveway when, all of a sudden, she felt a thump on her car. She says when she stopped, she realized a stranger was pointing a gun at her. The man then forced her to drive back to the house and let him inside. 

The Floyd County Sheriff's Office says while the break-in was happening, they were contacted about coming to the neighborhood. Someone had called in a suspicious white Chevy truck without plates nearby. 

"We think that the Chevy truck dropped off the suspect," Sheriff Frank Loop said.

Loop says the robbery was well-planned. He says at this point, investigators have no reason to believe the suspect knew the couple. 

"But the suspect definitely knew from somewhere that the homeowner lived there and that those items were in the house," Loop said.  

We're told the the man got away in one of the Kellys' cars along with a lot of cash, jewelry and several guns.  

Kelly says he tried to fight back, at one point grabbing for a gun, but the suspect hit him on the head. He also says as the man was pulling out of their driveway, he was prepared to shoot him. 

"I could have gotten him," Kelly said. "But I didn't get him. My wife said, 'Let it go. As long as we're alive, let it go.'"

Officials say the suspect took the victims' Red Ford Fusion. The vehicle has an Indiana plate with the number WQI312. 

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