CLEVELAND (WDRB) -- Indiana was in the national spotlight when Governor Mike Pence accepted the Republican vice presidential nomination last night.

Pence has been a part of the Hoosier political scene for two decades, serving as Congressman and Governor, but those who know him say his debut on the national stage Wednesday at the Republican National Convention may have been his best speech ever. 

"I'm a Christian, a Conservative and a Republican -- in that order," Pence said to a round of cheers and applause. "You know, I'm new to this campaign, and honestly I never thought I'd be standing here. I thought I'd be spending this evening with all my friends from the great state of Indiana. Yet, there I was, a few days ago in New York City with the man who won 37 states, who faced 16 talented opponents and outlasted every one of them, and along the way brought millions of new voters to the Republican party."


The reaction from Indiana delegates was overwhelmingly positive. 

"It was a great privilege this evening to watch our governor, Mike Pence, introduce himself to the rest of the world," said Indiana GOP Chairman Jeff Cardwell. "And all of us in Indiana are extremely proud."

Indiana delegate Rudy Yakin III agreed. 

"As the stage continues to get larger for Gov. Pence, he continues to get better," Yakin said. "He needed to come out and hit a grand slam tonight, and that's exactly what he did."

"There was a lot of substance to the speech," said Tara Armstrong, another Indiana delegate. "A lot of heart, a lot of soul, a lot of faith, patriotism -- everything that Mike's about. It truly cam from the heart." 

Now the attention turns to the main event when Donald Trump wraps things up tonight and the new team begins its run for the White House.

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