HART COUNTY, Ky. (WDRB) -- George Bruton set off on an early morning fishing trip Saturday in the Green River.

While with several other fishermen, Bruton came across an unusual tote bag that he says was “on the edge of the river” about a quarter-mile from the boat ramp at H.H. Wilson Park in Hart County.

"I took my gaffe that I use to pull fish in and I reached and hooked the tote and kind of flipped it over,” said Bruton. "I actually cut it a little bit more so I could see further into it. And when I did, you could see a hand."

Bruton previously worked with the Hart County Rescue Squad, so he was certain what he had come across was human remains.

According to Kentucky State Police, a dismembered body had been stuffed into the bag.

"You're expecting to go catch some small mouth bass and enjoy the river, and then all of a sudden you come up on something like that,” said Bruton.

"We’ve got a lot of questions that we've got to try to answer,” said Trooper B.J. Eaton with Kentucky State Police.

Trooper Eaton says the only thing that is certain is that this is a homicide, but the identity of the victim remains unclear.

State Police will examine missing persons cases out of Hart County and surrounding areas, as detectives search for clues.

"We've got to figure out who done this because there's someone responsible for the death and the disposal of somebody else's body," said Trooper Eaton. "That's our primary goal. First identify this person. Then our goal is to find who is responsible for it so we can get them behind bars where they belong."

"Hopefully we find out who it was so that the family will have some closure. And hopefully they catch whoever did it, and you know, that person pays for what they've done. I mean, it takes a pretty sick person to cut up a person and do that to them," said Bruton.

The Hart County Coroner said an autopsy was completed Sunday on the victim. No details have been released.

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