LOUISVILLE, Ky. (WDRB) -- Middle school is a big transition both for students and for parents.

Candyce Clifft talked with a middle school principal who has some advice and a unique perspective.

Dr. David Armour is principal at Kammerer Middle School, and this year, his son will be a student in his school.  

Armour has this advice for parents:  Have a routine.  "Keep with your same routine and rituals you've established within your home," he says.  "Have a space for homework, have a set time for homework."

Be inquisitive together:  "Ask questions," Armour encourages.  "Allow your children to ask questions, and be open and honest with them."

Back off a little:  Armour says it's important not to be overbearing with them.  "Give them their space and time," he says, "but also be their helper, be there to assist."

Get involved:  "It becomes an embarrassment thing for children.  'I don't want mom and dad in the building,'" Armour says.  "Seek other ways--through your school-based PTA, your school-based decision-making council, volunteer to go on field trips."  Armour says something as simple as volunteering to make copies in the school office sends a message to your child you value his school.

Communicate daily:  Ask your child, "What two things went well today," as you're driving or sitting down at dinner.  Ask, "What's one thing you'd change?"  Then, be an active listener, have a conversation.  Armour says it's important not to criticize your child's answers to these questions.

Armour's best advice for students, "Get involved in some group or organization that interests you.  You'll make friends and feel more connected to your school," Armour says.

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