PHILADELPHIA -- The Democratic National Convention kicks off today in Philadelphia. 

WDRB's Valerie Chinn and photojournalist Doug Smith are there with the Kentucky delegates, where party members say they are spreading a message of unity. The Kentucky delegation was meeting and strategizing at a breakfast Monday morning. One of the speakers was Congressman John Yarmuth.

"I think Jim Clyburn from South Carolina expressed it really well," Yarmuth told WDRB's Valerie Chinn. "We've got to work together. We've got to stay together, because we have a chance to do something really important in this election year. But we won't if we're fractured."

Louisville Metro Councilman David Tandy said it's about, "making sure that we're reaching out, as a Democratic party, to everybody in the state, whether you be in the rural areas or the urban areas, whether it be black, brown, white, what-have-you -- that we're all reaching out to each and every person in the community and making sure that they're getting to the polls and becoming engaged."

"It's going to be a fun-packed week," said David O'Neill, acting executive director of the Kentucky Democratic Party. "There's a lot of speakers on the program every night. Tonight, Senator Sanders and Michelle Obama are speaking. Tuesday, it's Bill Clinton. Wednesday, it's the President and Vice President. And then Thursday, traditionally, is always the nominee's acceptance speech."

Jacqueline Coleman, a Kentucky delegate from Harrodsburg, says she knows what she wants to hear from Sanders tonight.

"I would like to hear him carry the same tone and positivity that Secretary Clinton carried in '08 when she united our party around President Obama," Coleman said.

There are also a number of protests planned because of the Democratic National Convention. Later today, we'll hear from some delegates who plan to participate in them.

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