PHILADELPHIA (WDRB) -- The Wells Fargo Center in Philadelphia is filling up, and it's expected to get busier throughout Monday night. On the minds of many is the resignation of the DNC chair Debbie Wasserman Schultz

"I think it was the only course for her to take, given the revelations of those emails," Congressman John Yarmuth said. "I doubt if she had anything to do with them, but the person of the top basically has to pay the price for that. And i think, in the interest of unity, she had to do that."

"I think it was the right thing to do, to remove any cloud from the convention and keep us focused on what's most important, and that is elect Hillary Clinton to be our nominee," Kentucky delegate and Louisville councilman David Tandy said.

There were protests in various parts of Philadelphia Monday, as many are anxious to hear from Sen. Bernie Sanders.  

"I'm interested to hear what he has for the agenda with the party, especially considering what is going on with the email scandals and what his plans are for the future," Kentucky delegate Jacob Drake said.

"I think he had already endorsed Secretary Clinton, so I think he will probably lay out a path where we can bring everyone together, his delegates and her delegates, and move together as a party, and I think that is what most people want and expect to hear," said David O'Neill, acting executive director of the Kentucky Democratic Party. 

Besides Sanders, First Lady Michelle Obama will speak at the DNC on Monday night.

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