LOUISVILLE, Ky. (WDRB) -- It was a hot Friday afternoon, and seemingly out of nowhere, much of a west end building turned to rubble.

"I saw it fall as I was coming back to the building," a witness said.

Bricks were everywhere, and firefighters began rushing in. It wasn't long until they learned there was a victim. 

John Dozier, 71, was killed at Les's Meat Market. 

What seemed unexpected apparently wasn't at all. Louisville Fire confirms to WDRB that in the days leading up to the collapse, they warned that the building was not structurally sound.

"It makes me feel really bad. It should've been torn down," said Dozier's fiancée, Jacqueline Whitaker. 

Pages and pages of documents also show there were several problems for the owner of Les's in the past. Holes in the wall, a roof in disrepair, and dozens of code violations are all on the list.

"There should've never been any workers in there. It really makes me upset," Whitaker said.

She already had reservations about her loved one working there after he fell through an upper floor at the market once before.

"He went to the hospital," she said. "They didn't even call me."

City leaders, family and friends gathered Tuesday to share a prayer and talk about what they want moving forward. 

"Anybody with two eyes can look and see that there are major problems over here," said District 1 Councilwoman Jessica Green.

She's demanding answers from the owner and anyone who may have inspected the building.

"It's our goal to have individuals from Develop Louisville, the Director of Codes and Regulations and the Health Department to come and testify before our committee, so they can answer some very serious questions that I have," Green said.

Anything but making sure this never happens again, Green said, will not be acceptable.

"We, as a city, could've stepped in and prevented this tragedy," she said.

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