NEW ALBANY, Ind. (WDRB) -- More than 11,000 students went back to school in the New Albany Floyd County School District.

Officials say the day was a success. After a short seven week summer break, students in New Albany Floyd County Schools packed their bags, grabbed their lunches and hopped on the bus.

"The kids were coming through the door, they had their new backpacks, new clothes, shiny shoes, and they were so excited to be here," said Grant Line Elementary Principal Kyle Lanoue.

And things ran smoothly at Grant Line Elementary.

"I was a little surprised that our buses were running even as soon as they were. As a matter of fact, the students were in their classrooms by 8 a.m. bell," Lanoue said.  

This is one of the district's nine elementary schools. There are also two high schools and three middle schools.

On this first day back to school, Grant Line started a new program.

"For the first time, we have a Deaf and Hard of Hearing Program. That comes with several interpreters, a full-time deaf and hard of hearing teacher, and we have wonderful students that have joined us. So we are very excited about the program," Lanoue said.

In another part of southern Indiana, last-minute preps are being made at Greater Clark County Schools. Students return to class Thursday.

"I think every new year just brings excitement," said Andy Melin, Greater Clark County Schools Superintendent. "Naturally, we give students and staff a little bit of a break during the summer, and everyone comes back with a rejuvenated spirit."

In Greater Clark, one-third of the districts 21 schools will experience principal changes.

"We're really proud how we develop leadership within this district. Of the six principals, all of them are coming from inside our school corporation," Melin said.

Parents are being urged to make sure students get a good night sleep and have a hearty breakfast in the morning.

"I think in this world today, we have a situation were there's so many negative things occurring, and I just think the more positive news, the more positive we can be with our students and the more positively we can treat our students, that's the key, that's the key to the success of our society," Melin said.

School leaders want to make sure drivers remember to stay alert with more buses on the roads.

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