LOUISVILLE, Ky. (WDRB) -- Hillary Clinton is expected to formally accept the Democratic nomination for president tonight at the Democratic National Convention. Last night, President Obama, Vice President Joe Biden, and Clinton's running mate Tim Kaine spoke. WDRB's Valerie Chinn caught up with Louisville Mayor Greg Fischer for his reaction. 

Back in 1996 Kentucky voted this map shows when Kentucky voted Democrat, but has been Republican ever since. Now the Democratic Party is hoping to change that. 

Louisville Mayor Greg Fischer says under Hillary's leadership the Democrats are poised to overcome any challenges that may be ahead. 

"It's phenomenal, this is the face of America here, and the energy and optimism that people have about the future -- you can feel it. We got a great nation. Yeah, we've got some challenges, but it is nothing we can't overcome."

Kentucky Democratic Party Chairwoman Sannie Overly was enthusiastic about this year's convention. 

"This is one of the most exciting things I have ever done -- my first national convention -- and it is Is phenomenal," Overly said. 

Former Kentucky Gov. Steve Beshear says Clinton is the person best suited to move the country forward. 

"It is a great week because all the Democrats are coming together," Beshear said. "We know what's at stake and we've got to keep the positive momentum in this country moving, and that's going to be with Hillary Clinton and our good friend Tim Kaine from Virginia." 

President Barack Obama ended the night by calling for Americans to "reject cynicism and reject fear, and to summon what is best in us; to elect Hillary Clinton as the next President of the United States and show the world we still believe in the promise of this great nation."

Olivia Anne Morris Fuchs, a delegate from Kentucky, said the difference between the Republican convention and the Democratic convention is like night and day. 

"I think the convention has been thrilling and if anybody has been paying attention to last week versus this week, we have dark and doom and misery and hopeless, versus bright and light and invigorating and taking everybody along and making a brighter future for all of us," Fuchs said. 

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