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POV | Bad smoking etiquette is anti-social

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Someone really needs to fund a study to determine exactly what element contained in tobacco contributes to outsized feelings of entitlement and a blurred sense of civility and common decency among its consumers.

Not that I believe every smoker possesses those traits. But enough of them do to convince me there has to be at least some kind of link.

Take the guy you see every day who finishes his most recent cigarette, and then simply flings it out his car window. That's just the selfish action of a person who insists the messy result of his private choice should be the public's problem to deal with.

Of course, lots of smokers always use their car ashtrays when they smoke. And that's admirable. But from what I've seen, too many of those people don't understand that the idea is to then empty those ashtrays at home - not in a pile in the middle of a convenient parking lot. 

And let's not forget the smokers who think it's their right to light up anyplace as long as it's outside - even though many outside venues like restaurants with patio seating and Slugger Field prohibit it. Just because the air may be fresh isn't a signal to pollute it ASAP.

As I said, all smokers aren't jerks. But those who are know who they are. And they're really offensive to smokers and non-smokers alike. 

I'm Bill Lamb and that's my Point of View.

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