LOUISVILLE, Ky. (WDRB) -- Stolen cars have been used as a bold way to break into two local gun shops in two days. 

Thursday morning, police and SWAT responded after a truck slammed into the 111 Gun Shop in Jeffersontown. 

Investigators say the truck had been stolen, and whoever was inside got away with firearms. The ordeal left neighbors on edge.  

"What are they doing with the stuff they took," said Suzi Collins, who works next to the gun shop.  

About 24 hours earlier, something similar happened at Tilford's Gun Sales on Fern Valley Road. 

This time, a stolen Corvette was used to break in. Federal officials are now searching for whoever is responsible. 

"This is a violent crime," said ATF Spokesperson George Huffman at a press conference Friday. "Don't let anybody tell you different. This is a violent crime." 

Huffman wouldn't say how many people could be involved or how many guns were stolen. He does say the cases are being investigated separately and that there's no evidence right now to link them right now. 

"We'll use every resource we have, every investigative technique that we can employ to bring these people to justice," Huffman said. 

Meanwhile, other local gun store owners are working to avoid becoming a victim. 

"I would like to think that people are taking that into consideration, what's going on and planning for it," said ESR Tactical owner Daniel Cotton. 

He says he will soon have concrete poles put in at the entrance of his Jeffersonville business. 

"If they were to try to do something similar to us, it hopefully would stop the vehicle from coming in the building," Cotton said. 

There is a reward in the cases. Officials say up to $10,000 is up for grabs for whoever can pass along information about the suspect or suspects. 

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