LOUISVILLE, Ky. (WDRB) -- Neighbors on Larkwood Avenue in the Shawnee neighborhood say they're tired of the constant crime coming out of a vacant home.

“A lot of the neighborhood kids are using this home as their playground,” said Zakiya Lacy with the West Louisville Urban Coalition.

It’s a playground with no supervision where officers say they found guns, drugs and a stolen handbag inside.

“This house gets vandalized often because these kids know for a fact nobody cares," neighbor and owner of Nee Nee’s Angels Daycare, Lanita Grant said. "Sometimes this house is a true reflection of how kids feel about themselves."

The handbag was stolen from a woman at the daycare where Grant works.

“Someone had gotten into her car and got her purse out of there,” Grant said.

Neighbors say a way to decrease the crime is to give the kids something to do and use the house as part of the solution. They hope to make it into a community center.

“There's nothing for our kids to do,” Manuel Forrest said.

“We used to have community centers that were bridges of hope. It was a connection between parents and the neighborhood, just to give children a positive outlet,” Lacy said.

“Collect the kids in the neighborhood to show them a skill.  This is how you pour concrete, this is what plumbing looks like, and this is how you fix the windows,” Grant said.

“Maybe someone could come in here and learn how to apply for a job, learn how to fill out an application, get help with ACTs," Lacy said. "It would just be more convenient, because a lot of people may not have transportation."

Grant says she'll fix the property and turn it into community club house, but she's going to need some help.

If you’d like to help the cleanup, contact the president of the West Urban Louisville Coalition, Neal Robertson, at 502-664-0780. For a link to the Facebook page, click click here.

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