Louisville, Ky. (WDRB) – Black Lives Matter Louisville gathered Sunday as part of a national event and to raise concerns about ongoing issues in Louisville.

Back in the middle part of July, organizers with Black Lives Matter met with city officials including Mayor Greg Fischer, Louisville Metro Police Chief Steve Conrad and other law enforcement officials about concerns in the city. Now, those Black Lives Matters organizers say not much is being done.

Black Lives Matters Louisville is "demanding an investigation from the Department of Justice" into Mayor Greg Fischer's administration. Organizer claim there has been an immediate failure in the administration in regards to "law enforcement: Prevention, Building and Correction." 

“What we do within the movement is build a culture shift for black people who have been marginalized even before the beginning of this nation,” Black Lives Matter organizer Chanelle Helms said on Sunday. “You have people who are struggled and suffering in parts of your city, major parts of your city.”

Sunday’s gathering was a part of Black Lives Matter’s National Action Day in which groups from all over the country gathered to read portions of Martin Luther King Junior’s “I have a dream” speech.

“I think more people need to get involved with things like this. It might help,” said Belle Holloway who attended the event. “I think it sends that people are united on this and that we're working together to try and make change happen.”

Concerns were raised at the event Sunday about recent outrage of a hair policy at Butler Traditional High School.

“We have to understand the code of conduct says that child caught with the hair policy could be suspended or held in some type of in school suspension,” Helm said.

However, it was determined on Friday that that policy would be suspended.

Those in attendance still think more can be done.

“There's too much going on this world that's hurting our fellow humans and not enough being done about it,” Holloway said.  

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