CLARK COUNTY, Ind. (WDRB) -- Taking just about everything except the kitchen sink, a southern Indiana home builder became the victim of burglars taking advantage of a busy work site.

Surveillance cameras on a neighbor's house captured a Dodge Ram dark blue truck with tinted windows on the way in, and then filled to the brim on the way out. 

The truck load was all stolen last Wednesday at a home under construction in the new development in Memphis, Ind., called Kingsland Fields.

Steve Klein is the builder.

"Refrigerator, stove, dish washer, lights were taken off the walls and some of the knobs off the cabinets," Klein said.

But there's more.

"This is the first time I've actually heard of someone stealing the carpet from inside a residence," said Capt. Scottie Maples with the Clark County Sheriff's Office.

Klein says his homes have been hit for copper and scrap metal in the past, but nothing quite like this.

"Ever since late-spring and this summer, there's been quite a bit of rash of it," he said.

The thieves hit on the day the house was basically finished. The cleaning lady made the shocking discovery.

"They came in at 8:00 and were down in the home for 40 minutes," Klein said.

Police say let that be a word of caution about construction in the future.

"There are a lot of contractors in and out of these residences," Maples said. "It gives criminals an opportunity to try and slip in there."

 But contractors typically work between business hours, so timing should raise red flags. 

"The Clark County Sheriff's Office never minds that you would call on us to come out and check to make sure these people are supposed to be there," Maples said.

Klein is offering a reward for information on who was in this truck. 

"I'm sure I'm not the only people they're stealing from," he said.

Anyone with a tip about this case is asked to call the Clark County Sheriff's Department.

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