One of Kentucky’s oldest political traditions will be renewed this coming weekend with this year’s Fancy Farm Picnic in Western Kentucky. And I really don’t know whether to celebrate or find a place to hide.

On the positive side, its host, St. Jerome’s Church, profits mightily from the carnival games and delicious barbecue dinners that are served to the hungry crowds. And the chance to spend a sunny Saturday in small-town Kentucky with old friends is always tempting.

But there’s an ugly side to Fancy Farm too -- namely, the spiteful, over-the-top political speeches that headline the event, and the impolite partisan heckling that only adds to the nastiness.

Before you ask – yes, I get it. These speeches are the primary reason Fancy Farm exists. But do we really need to celebrate such behavior?

Political campaigns have now reached such a level of everyday incivility that Fancy Farm is no longer unique. Now, instead of being a parody of politics, it’s too close to the truth for me to find it very entertaining at all.

Don’t get me wrong. That barbecue is great. And the hosts couldn’t be nicer. But after having followed two political conventions in the past two weeks, my tolerance for politics driven by yet more rudeness and disrespect is about shot.

But do you think Fancy Farm still serves a purpose? Call and tell us.

I’m Bill Lamb and that’s my Point of View.