SPENCER COUNTY, Ky. (WDRB) -- A pile of burned debris remains outside of a home on Cecil Noel Road in the Bloomfield community.

According to a report from the Taylorsville-Spencer County Fire Department, the fire on July 21 was “intentional.”

The document shows a woman claimed “Michael Grubb set fire to personal items,” then “placed two dogs on the fire that died, as well.”

“Somebody come down and told me that happened,” described neighbor, David Dawson. “That’s when he said the guy killed some animals and threw them in a fire. He couldn’t be in his right mind.”

Five days later, a man claims he was kidnapped from his Mount Eden home by a stranger, who is also identified in court documents as Grubb.

“He came over and was asking if there was fish in the pond, and he pulled out a gun and told me he was gonna put me in the pond,” the victim described to WDRB News.

Choosing not to reveal his identity, the victim says Grubb fired a shot at his feet, then forced him at gunpoint to a home where his ex-girlfriend assaulted him, and he was held against his will for about eight hours.

The victim says he was eventually set free by his male kidnapper.

“He said he had to make it believable that I was dead,” the victim said. “Then he told me to be gone before daylight or he was coming back, and I was gonna be dead.”

Court paperwork shows the Spencer County Sheriff’s Office is investigating both the fire and the kidnapping, but the sheriff will not comment on a connection between the two.

Fire investigators seem fairly certain the Michael Grubb from the dog-burning case is the same man charged with attempted murder back in 2008, accused of hitting his wife with a truck.

The victim in that case was taken to University Hospital with serious injuries.

Grubb spent time behind bars after pleading guilty to an amended charge of assault under extreme emotional disturbance. He has not been charged in the kidnapping or the fire.

The kidnapping victim’s ex-girlfriend, Tracy Humphrey is charged with kidnapping and robbery in that case. The sheriff has said more arrests are possible.

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