LOUISVILLE, Ky. (WDRB) -- Nicolas Cage sightings across Kentuckiana have been the talk of the town the past few days, and some St. Xavier High School students got a taste of stardom when he came to film at their school.

While Louisville is a long way from Hollywood, St. X was the perfect backdrop for a new movie starring Nicolas Cage and Selma Blair.

“I used to play football on the football field. I never thought I'd be filmed running on the football field,” St. X graduate Michael Bailey said.

Bailey and about 75 other St. X students filmed scenes in classrooms, hallways and at the entrance to the school's stadium.

“I've been running around the campus doing different stunts and different cool things because, of course, it's a horror film. And it's a comedy as well,” Bailey said.

The movie called, "Mom and Dad" is about parents turning violently on their own kids. Bailey says the experience is something he wants to brag about, but he’s been sworn to secrecy.

“I can't give out a lot of information, but I will say we were running around a lot, and there was a lot of action,” he said.

What we do know is that students were chased out from under the stadium's bleachers by their parents, through the plaza and out into the parking lot.

“Like seven takes, eight takes, then come back again the next day, and do it all over again,” Bailey said. “It's going to be awesome. It's going to look really cool.”

But perhaps the biggest disappointment while on set was never seeing the man, the myth, the legend.

“Nicolas Cage? Nicolas Cage? That's all anybody was talking about. They're like where's he at? Or Selma Blair, where are they at?” Bailey said.

The extras and lead actors filmed on different days at St. X, but sharing the big screen with them is still pretty awesome.

“It's like we're going to be in a movie with them? That's pretty cool,” Bailey said.

If you want to see St. X's 15 minutes of fame, you'll have to wait a while. The movie isn't set to be released until sometime in 2017.

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