JEFFERSONTOWN, Ky. (WDRB) -- Thousands of dollars in cash, illegal drugs and high-powered weapons are off the streets in Louisville.

Jeffersontown Police detectives uncovered the illegal activity during a long-term investigation.

Police seized about a half-kilogram of powder cocaine and approximately four to five ounces of heroin, according to J'town Police Chief Ken Hatmaker.

Three people were arrested Tuesday, and five were charged. Police also confiscated two vehicles. 

Police arrested Justin Parks, Clartez Johnson and Adrian Perkins on Tuesday. All have lengthy criminal histories and are charged with drug trafficking -- but were also released before the ink could even dry on the police citations.

"One bonded out, and the others were released on their own recognizance," Chief Hatmaker said.

"That's concerning given what you see here, especially with, you know, the subjects being armed and having the criminal history that some of them do ... they were on the streets the next day."

Chief Hatmaker said the suspects, money, drugs and weapons were found in several locations. That includes Hikes Point, Plainview, Lyndon, Fern Creek and west Louisville.  

"When we hit the doors and the search warrants, they were hit simultaneously," he said.

And with so many locations, Chief Hatmaker brought in LMPD for backup.

"When you are hitting five locations, we can't do it alone," he said. "The manpower and tactics, the safety is just an issue."

Meanwhile, this bust comes a day after Jeffersontown Police launched its Angel Program, which allows drug addicts to come to the police department for help without risk of being arrested.

"As you see here, there is a balance between that service to the community and enforcement, and I think this speaks volumes to that balance," Chief Hatmaker said.

Chief Hatmaker said this is part of an ongoing investigation, and there will be more arrests in the near future.

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