I'm thinking about writing another book -- this time, a mystery.

I'll start on a dark and stormy night. A board of directors at, let's say, a large metropolitan university is meeting. Lightning flashes as they once again can't agree on much of anything. The main character will be the university president who, although he had done a good job historically, is now a distraction to all other characters. He has lost control of the culture of his university and he is under attack.  

Then, I'll introduce the state's new governor who calls for the president's resignation, fires the entire board then replaces them with what he believes is a more functional board. The new board receives the president's resignation and they pay him a pretty penny to go away.  

But wait!  The plot thickens.  

Before the ink is even dry on the deal, a judge declares the new board has been improperly installed and he orders the old board back to work. Can you see where this is going? Did the president resign to a bogus board? And if he did, is his resignation still valid? What will the old board do when they come back?  What will the governor do? Dah, dah daaah!

My only concern is that this plot might be too far fetched.  Do you think anyone would really believe this could happen to a real university?  

Nah. Probably not.  

I'm Bill Lamb, scrapping that idea and starting over.