LOUISVILLE, Ky. (WDRB) -- People in the Irish Hill neighborhood woke up Friday to a new eyesore, a nuisance and an unnecessary expense.

A graffiti tagger was busy last night, and the signs left behind are sending a message to the community. 

The message was spray painted in red and blue on the side of the Feeders Supply Warehouse, between Liberty Street and Baxter Avenue. The message spans about a half a city block.

The building has been there for years, and company representatives say they've seen graffiti before, but nothing this bad.

Graffiti experts say they can spot some telling signs in the markings. The phrase, "TTK" stands for "Those That Know." We're told that Those That Know refers to a nationwide graffiti gang. 

Also spotted in the graffiti is the signature "KONQR." The name KONQR likely references a well known graffiti marker in the Cincinnati area, where he tagged 100 buildings -- and was even convicted for it. He also spray painted buildings and bridges from Oakland, California to New York. 

"He's done 100's of buildings, if not more, in our community," said Mark Antrobus, the graffiti abatement coordinator with Keep Cincinnati Beautiful.

It's not clear if this tag was done by KONQR or a copycat.

"You're an artist if you paint on something you are allowed to paint on," said customer Lisa Davis. "If you paint on that, you're a vandal."

Customers at Feeders Supply couldn't miss the stained walls this morning.

"I think it's awful," said customer Lisa Davis. "Feeders is a local company. They do a lot of good in the community -- a lot of work with the Humane Society...so I think it's unfortunate. It really is. And it's going to be their expense, to have to clean that up."

"I just don't understand why somebody would want to damage property like that," said customer Caroline Deeley. "It's just kind of a hassle to people. It just doesn't seem to serve much of a purpose, in my opinion."

Aware of the concern, Metro Council has put more money in the budget for cleanup, which includes another employee and another vehicle to address the problem. 

But this is response. Officials say residents hold the solution. 

"It's very frustrating," Metro Councilman Bill Hollander said. "And if people see something, they need to say something."

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