BARDSTOWN, Ky. (WDRB) -- You can't mention Bardstown these days without people bringing up bourbon, and the folks who live there are fine with that. But there's now a new stop on the Bourbon Trail. WDRB's Jessica Bard describes how it's different from the other stops.

A scenic drive off of route 245 takes you to the newest stop on the Kentucky Bourbon trail. 

Amanda Street and her husband, Jim say they traveled around 300 miles for one reason only: to visit the Bourbon Trial. 

Tony Kamer, the project manager for Luxco Distillery says "Bardstown is sort of the Napa Valley of the bourbon industry."

He says that's why Luxco came to town: to build the newest stop on the Bourbon Trail. Luxco, founded in 1958, is a family owned company from St. Louis. You may be familiar with some of its products: Ezra Brooks, Rebel Yell, Blood Olf and Colonel David Nickelson. 

Although Luxco already sells bourbon, Kamer says "currently we're sourcing our bourbon products from other distillers. And looking at the bourbon boom that is going on right now, we really want to try to control the quality of our product and also the way we make our products and try to do some innovative and new things in the industry."

Kamer says the company chose an old farm location for a reason.

"As you see, the house behind us is a really cool, neat place to start that," Kamer said. 

Street says she likes Luxco because it's not too commercialized. "A couple places on the bourbon trail are big and industrial, mass produced," she said. 

Luxco will have between 30 to 35 employees and will be anything but big and industrial.

"We have a couple old barns on the site that we would like to try to keep or rehab in some way to be able to do all kinds of different events, ranging from weddings to receptions to anything of that nature," Kamer said. 

According to renditions of what the distillery will look like when it's complete, Luxco doesn't plan to change much from what's already there. 

Luxco will start to barrel its bourbon in late 2017 but you won't be able to drink that bourbon for a few years to come. 

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