BARDSTOWN, Ky. (WDRB) -- Not far from downtown Bardstown, at My Old Kentucky Home, you can tell you're standing in a very historical part of the state. Different people come to take pictures. It's what the song is all about.

It's the people who live here who make this community so special. We met one man who's been working in the radio business for the better part of 20 years. His show is pretty awesome. And he doesn't plan on quitting anytime soon, even if he's well into his 80s.

"Hey Good Morning everybody!" Fred Hagan says cheerfully into his microphone.

Hagan's voice is probably the voice this community knows more than any other.

"We have Fransee on the line down at Mammy's kitchen!" Hagan says into his microphone.

His is a set of pipes the people depend on, when they're headed to work, or school -- and during whatever the day may bring.

Hagan knows his status.

"They know my voice, they know my name," he said. "I can't disguise myself and go anywhere -- I've actually tried to do it."

And he takes his job, behind the mic, at WBRT AM and FM seriously.

Well, unless he's cracking jokes on the air.

"If you think nobody cares about you, and you're all down and depressed...miss a car payment!" he jokes.

Hagan is a homegrown, radio institution in Bardstown.

"Fred's sharp. We call him the hardest-working man in radio," said Roth Stratton, a station co-worker.

"I've been in it a total of about 20 years," Hagan said.

With two shows, on-air every day, he's the morning jock on the country station.

"A lot of the music I play is my own personal collection," Hagan said.

He's host of this town's most popular show: Party Line on the Air. It's a mid-morning open forum for people to buy, sell and trade while chatting with their broadcasting buddy. It doesn't take long for the phone calls to get funny.

"Uh yeah, I've got some ducks for sale," said one caller.

Hagan has had some dooseys.

"I had a man that called in one day that was looking for a woman," Hagan said. "I couldn't find Matchmakers' phone number."

You wouldn't know it by talking to him or listening to his show, but Hagan could have retired about 10 years ago.

"I'm not saying Fred has a face for radio," Stratton said, laughing. "He looks pretty good for his age."

He's 76, with no plans of hanging up his headphones.

"When I die, I'm probably going to die right in the that control room...with a mic in my hand," he said, laughing.

He's a funny friend, a pleasant voice to talk to, and a local celebrity.

"I love my listeners," Hagan said. "I love Bardstown."

And Bardstown loves him right back.

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