LOUISVILLE, Ky. (WDRB) -- Did he target a transgender person? Or was he the victim of a robbery and scared for his life?

New details emerged Friday in the  Fern Valley Hotel murder case.

Henry Gleaves is accused of killing Sherman Edwards outside the hotel in January of 2015.

Edwards was born a man but was living as a transgender person.

On Friday, jurors heard from Dr. Wayne Herner, a forensic and clinical psychologist. He met with Gleaves and laid out what happened that day. 

Dr. Herner says Gleaves went to the hotel for a job application and sex. Dr. Herner told the courtroom that Gleaves discovered Edwards had male body parts during a sex act, and became upset. That's before he was allegedly jumped and robbed by two other people associated with Edwards. 

The rage that ensued, according to Dr. Herner, caused Gleaves to go to his car and get a gun.

"One of the persons made more threatening gestures, continuing to say things, and then he says he shot," Dr. Herner said.

There was also a fair amount of time spent talking about whether Gleaves could have, "Extreme emotional disturbance," or a physical state of being so enraged you don't know right from wrong. 

Fear, Dr. Herner says, was certainly a factor.

"He said there were three or four of them, and they were big, and he was fearful."

The trial is set to pick back up Monday. 

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