LOUISVILLE, Ky. (WDRB) -- Don't tell one-year-old Rockwell that he can't take part in this year's Olympics -- because according to pictures posted online, he's ready pumped, wired and ready to go!

According to Fox News Insider, Alan Lawrence, a father of six from Paradise, Utah, posted some amazing photos to his Instagram page, That Dad Blog, showing his son "trying out" for various Olympics events.

The photos show Rockwell engaging in a variety of activities, including boxing, long jumping and weight lifting.

One image shows him hanging from rings, with his legs extended -- a look of dogged determination on his face. The caption reads, "He held that pose for five seconds but had to stop because his diaper was cutting off the circulation to his legs."

The images have gone viral -- and we're going to break with all journalistic neutrality and say we think they're awesome!

To see more images, CLICK HERE!

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