LOUISVILLE, Ky (WDRB) -- Testimony continued for a third day Monday in the trial of a man accused of murdering a transgender victim at a south Louisville hotel. 

Henry Gleaves is accused of shooting Sherman Edwards at the Fern Valley Hotel and Conference Center in January of 2015 after Gleaves allegedly paid for sex without knowing Edwards was born a man. Edwards allegedly robbed Gleaves after the exchange, taking his cell phone and wallet.

Gleaves says he fired his gun as he was getting away from Edwards and three others. 

"He said 'I fired once to get away, and after the shot, I didn't look. I just got out of there,'" said Dr. Beth Johnson, a licensed psychiatrist.

On Monday, the jury heard from the General Manager of the Fern Valley Hotel, who says Gleaves was at the hotel to apply for a job.

Dr. Johnson also took the stand and says Gleaves responded to the add for sex at the hotel while he was applying for a job there. She added she does not believe Gleaves is intellectually impaired.

The medical examiner, Dr. Amy Burrows-Beckham, who performed Edwards' autopsy, said in court that Edwards died from a gunshot wound to his left upper chest.

"It went from left to right, front to back and really no vertical deviation, so it didn't go up or down any," Dr. Burrows-Beckham said. 

Gleaves' attorneys are trying to prove he shot in self-defense. They say Edwards was much bigger than Gleaves and Gleaves felt threatened. 

The prosecution says it's possible Edwards was turning away from Gleaves at the time the shot was fired, so self-defense is not an option. 

Testimony begins Tuesday at 10 a.m.

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