WARNING: The video above is graphic.

LOUISVILLE, Ky. (WDRB) -- LMPD released footage Monday from two body cameras as a suspect reportedly wielding a "large curved bladed object" was shot and killed by two officers.

We've approached this story from several angles, but here we walk you through the body camera footage, laying out the key moments before and after an armed suspect was shot and killed.

Just a couple minutes into the video, police arrive on scene and a witness describes that a man nearby is armed.

Witness: "He's in the house with a saw and a butcher knife."

Officer: "What's wrong with him?

Witness: "He's in my house with a butcher knife."

The witnesses talking to police continues to tell the officers the suspect has a saw and knife in his hand. 

And then you hear several officers yelling "Drop It!" That is followed by many shots fired.

The officer then asks the witnesses to step back.

As the officer moves back to stand by the suspect, you hear him gasping for breath.

The officer heads back to the group of witnesses, when one of the women asks the officer to turn off her car near the suspect. 

He does, and then a male witness arrives and questions why police aren't trying first aid.

Witness: "You ain't going to try first aid or nothing?"

Officer: "We've got an ambulance on the way. There's nothing we can do right now."

You hear another witness telling him what happened.

Witness: "They told him to put it down and they start swinging it back and forth."

The officer puts up crime scene tape, and then more officers and EMTs arrive on scene. 

The officer says he never fired his gun. 

Officer: "We probably need to be independent. We need to be separated. We don't need to discuss it. We'll be interviewed." 

Officer: "I never squeezed one."

You can then hear the officer tell another officer on scene that his body camera was on. 

Officer: "I get what you're saying. It went from zero to 60 fast, didn't it?"

An LMPD detective arrives on scene and asks to talk to the officer. He tells the officer then to turn his body camera off.

More than 20 minutes later in the raw video, we see another angle of the shooting, this time from one of the officers who fired.

Around 30 seconds after the officer's camera starts rolling, he arrives at the scene, where you can hear at least two officers telling the suspect to drop the knife.

This officer fires several shots, and you can see multiple shell casings discharging from his gun. 

They shout for him not to move, and then kick what appears to be a hand saw away from the suspect. Then he's handcuffed.

After about 30 seconds, this officer and another enter the apartment and begin clearing.

Those two officers then exit the apartment.  At this point, one of the three officers says his body camera wasn't turned on. 

Officer 1: "Are you alright?"

Officer 2: "My camera wasn't on."

A minute or so passes in which the officer puts on gloves. He then tells neighbors to go back inside. The officer then begins interacting with witnesses, telling them to stay back. 

Officer: "We can't do anything, OK? We have to leave everything how it is. I'm sorry. I will cut your lights off for you. Just give us some time, OK?"

Then two minutes go by, around seven minutes since the shooting, and more officers begin to arrive.

Officer 1: "I don't think we're allowed to talk about it, do you?"

Officer 2: "I don't think." 

Officer 1: "I don't know."

It's around nine minutes after the shooting that EMTs arrive. This officer then explains what happened to another officer.

Officer 1: "We pulled up. Brian was talking to the victim. Brian started to the door. Me and Beau came up. We drew our guns. He came outside holding a knife in his hand. He started kind of swinging it in his hand, and he came at us, kind of, so we shot."

The officer then puts on hand sanitizer.

Officer: "S*** happened fast, man."

For about eight minutes, this officer doesn't say or do much of anything. A little over 20 minutes after the shooting, he turns the camera off. 

For the full hour-long body camera footage, click here.

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