LOUISVILLE, Ky. (WDRB) -- A witness identified Henry Gleaves on Tuesday as the man who shot and killed a transgender prostitute on Jan. 9, 2015.

Carter James testified at Gleaves’ murder trial that she was at the Fern Valley Hotel with the victim, Sherman Edwards, and two others, all working as prostitutes.

“He cross-dressed when he worked,” James said of Edwards from the witness stand.

James identified Gleaves as the man who came to their door.

As the prosecution played video from security cameras, James described leaving the room and then returning when she heard shouting.

“I heard what sounded like an argument going on,” she said.

James says Gleaves later left, but they saw him again as the four were leaving the hotel.

James says she saw Gleaves shoot Edwards.

“And where you were standing, right there, you had a clear shot of who shot him?” asked prosecutor John Balenovich.

“Yeah,” James replies.

James testified that she and the others ran after they saw and heard the gunshot.

Defense attorney Rob Eggert grilled James on cross-examination, pointing out inconsistencies in her story and trying to show that her testimony was different from what she originally told police.

Gleaves claims he shot Edwards in self-defense when the group tried to rob him.

Earlier, police testified they arrested Gleaves four days after the shooting, hiding in a closet at his girlfriend's home under a pile of clothes.

“You could still tell there was somebody there. It was like he was just sitting and had a bunch of stuff over the top of him,” testified LMPD detective Mike Woodward.

Prosecutors also played a recording of a phone call Gleaves made from Metro Corrections.

He's heard telling his girlfriend to destroy his cell phone, which could have been used as evidence in the case.

“Take it outside and throw it on the ground as hard as y'all can. Right now while I'm on the phone,” jurors heard Gleaves say on the recording.

Prosecutors later grilled Gleaves’ girlfriend, Zsanaza Duffy.

“You helped in destroying the phone, right?” asked the prosecutor.

“Possibly,” Duffy replied.

“I need to know yes or no. Yes. You did destroy the phone?”


The prosecution is expected to wrap up its case Wednesday morning.

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