LOUISVILLE, Ky. (WDRB) -- One year and one month ago, Crystal Rogers, a mother of five, went missing without a trace. 

"It's like a nightmare, and you're wanting to wake up," said Tommy Ballard, Crystal's father. "They promised me that they hadn't stop working on it."

Thursday afternoon,  Ballard says the Nelson County Sheriff's Office made good on that promise. 

Detectives served Nick Houck with a search warrant while at his grandmother's house in Bardstown. 

Houck was terminated from the Bardstown Police Department last fall for interfering with an ongoing investigation into Rogers' disappearance.

He is also the brother of Brooks Houck, the main suspect in the case and the man Rogers was dating when she was last seen.

"I've always thought that he was involved with Brooks, so maybe they'll get what they need to prove he was involved," Tommy Ballard said.

Police would not say what they were searching for, except that it's related to Roger's disappearance. 

The findings of the warrant may not be known for months, but the Ballards are feeling a mix of emotions as they come one step closer to finding out what happened to their daughter. 

"I'm happy that something has happened, but it's not going to be happy when we find out what happened to Crystal," Tommy Ballard said.

"It's a different thing to know in your heart what's wrong, but to think one day that you're going to hear it is totally different," said Sherry Ballard, Crystal's father. 

"It's that reality that just hits you, even though you know it in your heart ... But just to hear it and to hear the commotion going on, and something new and different happening in her case ... it's been so long."

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