LOUISVILLE, Ky. (WDRB) -- Two schools in Kentucky are increasing security after receiving separate potential threats by phone, according to spokespeople for those schools.

According to Lori McDowell, spokeswoman for Oldham County Schools, Crestwood Elementary School has locked its doors and has been placed on an "exterior lockdown" after the school received a potentially threatening phone call this morning.

The nature of the threat is unclear, according to McDowell, but as a result, the school secretary contacted the school resource officer.

An "exterior lockdown" means all doors are locked. Parents may still enter the school by providing a valid ID. There will be a police presence at the school throughout the day.

Oldham County Schools are not in session today, but the school is home to a summer enrichment program that runs until 6 p.m.

The following statement was released Friday morning:

This morning the school received a phone call that could potentially be perceived as threatening. Because we take any and all threats seriously, we contacted police and implemented all safety procedures. We are currently on exterior lockdown and wanted to notify you. As a safety precaution, we will have police presence on campus throughout the day. If you feel more comfortable picking up your child earlier, we understand. Please bring your picture ID.

WDRB News has learned that Taylorsville Elementary School in Taylorsville, Kentucky, also received a potential threat. The school is currently on lockdown and will have changes to its afternoon dismissal plan. Additional police officers will stay at the school throughout the afternoon.

The following message was sent to parents by Principal Steven Rucker:

This morning the front office of Taylorsville Elementary School received a call from a Connecticut-based IP phone number indicated that the caller intended to bring a weapon to our class. School staff immediately contacted the Taylorsville Police Department. An (o)fficer arrived on scene within minutes to assist in securing the building.

TPD contacted the Kentucky State Police forensics unit to begin investigating and tracing the number that made the threat against our campus. During that time, the number again contacted the front office and answered by the Taylorsville Police. At that time, the caller declined to speak. As the investigation has unfolded the Kentucky State Police has tracked the number from the Connecticut source to an Internet AP based in Canada. TPD and KSP are now working with their Canadian counterparts to track to original source of the call.

TPD officers and central office staff have been routed to provide additional security at Taylorsville Elementary School for the remainder of the day. As additional information becomes available it will be shared with our school community.

Taylorsville Elementary gives special thanks to the rapid response of our local law enforcement community. They are working quickly and efficiently to track down the source and credibility of the threatening phone call.

The safety of our children is our top priority. With this in mind, TES will be on Lock Down Procedures for the remainder of the day. Students will be escorted to and from the cafeteria and recess will take place indoors. This will affect our afternoon dismissal plan, so please be patient with our procedures as we work to ensure students safety.

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