LOUISVILLE, Ky. (WDRB) -- Three teenagers were shot in Louisville over the weekend while they were on their way home -- and police say a fight earlier in the night could have led to that shooting. 

Those three teens were all girls -- two were 14 years old and one was a 15-year-old. Police say all three are expected to be okay.

According to police, it happened near the intersection of 16th Street and Jefferson Street. 

Community activist Christopher 2X says a car drove up and someone inside began shooting at the girls while they were inside a car.

"She's young and this is something that has interrupted the normalcy of her life," Christopher 2X said. 

Christopher 2x spoke to one of the victims on Sunday.

"She suffered two gunshot wounds," Christopher 2X said. "One evidently was pretty severe on her leg area, where they had to put a cast on it -- and she said the bullet is still lodged in there, and she said it's pretty painful."

As for one of the others, Christopher 2X says she was hit four times.

"And she's doing as decent as she can be," he said.

He says the victims are two 14-year-olds and a 15-year-old. All three are expected to recover. Police say it happened around 2:30 Sunday morning while the girls were trying to get home.

"And then here comes a car speeding up on them at 16th and Jefferson and letting off all these rounds," Christopher 2X said. "It's like you're getting ambushed."

Detectives say there was some sort of fight at a club earlier in the night that might have led to this shooting. 

The three teenagers were driven to Kosair Children's Hospital. Police say the driver was not shot. 

"These girls are very young," Christopher 2X said. "They probably felt they'd never be impacted by a gunshot wound, but now they're a part of those statistics." 

LMPD's homicide unit has taken over the investigation. 

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