LOUISVILLE, Ky. (WDRB) -- The publisher of Katina Powell's explosive tell-all book, "Breaking Cardinal Rules," says it wants to keep certain information out of the public eye, at least in part, for Powell's safety.

The attorneys for Powell's publisher, IBJ, are asking Jefferson County Circuit Court Judge Mitch Perry to keep some evidence in the scandal's various lawsuits confidential.

In one case, U of L student Kyle Hornback and others claimed Powell's book damaged the value of their degrees from the school.

That suit was dismissed, but is being appealed. IBJ is also now counter-suing.

As the cases move forward, IBJ says some evidence requested by the opposing sides, should not be made public.

"We could produce the information, stamp it confidential, which means they get to see it, but no one else does. So, we're trying to give them the documents, but do it in such a way that the case isn't going to be tried in the media," the attorney for IBJ told Judge Perry.

But the attorneys for Hornback and the others involved in the lawsuits say they oppose a blanket ban on public disclosure of the evidence.

"We're simply asking for them to itemize those items. We understand certain information should be maintained with a protective order, and not released, personal cell phone numbers, for example," Nader Shunnarah told WDRB News.

"But the rest of the documentation, the journals, should be made public."

That's a reference to the journals Powell kept of the alleged prostitution parties, which later became the basis for "Breaking Cardinal Rules."

"They published a book about engaging in prostitution with recruits and students at the University of Louisville. I think it should be made public," said Shunnarah.

Judge Perry told the two sides to get together and agree on which evidence should properly be marked "confidential."

"You folks need to go have a cup of coffee together and sort this out because, at the end of the day, this will happen. It's a matter of how," said Perry.

Perry wants to see two sides back in court next week.

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