LOUISVILLE, Ky. (WDRB) -- Marijuana is legal in some states, but the DEA won't remove it from the list of most dangerous drugs.

The DEA recently published responses to two pending petitions to reclassify marijuana.

"We see very few in the federal side in Louisville," said Jim Scott, regional agent in charge at the DEA Louisville District Officer. "There are marijuana cases, we do pursue marijuana cases, but I'll tell you our time and attention are focused on other organizations in our view are selling much more dangerous drugs."

The agency decided to keep it as a schedule one drug, making those supporting marijuana legalization very upset.

"Schedule one means there is no accepted medical use in treatment or prevention, and also it has a high potential for abuse and tests were conducted, clinical tests under the supervision of the FDA and Dept, of Health and Human Services, and those tests say marijuana is not medicine at this point," Scott said.

Scott did say, however, that marijuana isn't as dangers as many other drugs.

"In my opinion, clearly it's not as  dangerous as heroin, as ecstasy, as LSD, which are also schedule one substances. But, we're not looking at the dangers of the drug. We're looking at its medicinal value, and again, those tests,at this point, say it's simply not medicine."

The agency is relaxing its policy on drug research. It's expanding the number of agencies that can legally grow marijuana for research purposes, which could help local universities.  For the Louisville community, the DEA says the bigger drug problem is heroin and meth.

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