LOUISVILLE, Ky. (WDRB) – For decades, football has been dubbed a game of inches, but really,it's a game of numbers. 

High schools in the Hoosier state now have a rule that limits contact during practice to twice a week.

On Monday afternoon, the New Albany Bulldogs had Friday night on their mind. It will be the team's first game of the season. 

"We are just hungry," said sophomore nose guard Bryce Mumphrye. We just want to come out of those cages and eat."

Now don't get it confused, these players are hungry ... just not for real food. They are salivating to smash the opponent, craving to crush the guy in the other jersey. 

The Bulldogs, and for that matter all high school football teams across Indiana, are playing this season with a new rule in place, a rule that limits contact during practice to twice a week. 

"It's been fine," Mumphrey said. "When we get the chance to hit, we hit hard."

"I always tell the kids New Albany does not play New Albany," head coach Sean Coultis said. "Why would you want to beat each other up all the time? So we always try and practice smart."

The brain is key to that smart practice. The New Albany squad is sporting some brand new head-ware thanks to a grant from Norton Healthcare. 

The grant gave the New Albany team "five star" rated helmets, the highest possible rating for safety. The "Shutt Vengeance" has state-of-the-art padding.

Parents we spoke to say they can rest easy this season watching their favorite player from the stands.

"I'm less concerned now that they have the new helmets," Monique Reed said. "Hopefully none of the kids get concussions." 

Each five-star "Shutt Vengeance" helmet costs $260 per helmet, and the Bulldogs needed 108 helmets. The New Albany football program says that grant saved them around $30,000. 

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