LOUISVILLE, Ky. (WDRB) - Police say a little girl accidentally shot herself with a stolen gun in Louisville last week. And last month, suspects used stolen cars to break into gun shops and steal what was inside. 

Getting stolen guns off the street is a top priority for LMPD's 9th Mobile Division, a unit that focuses on violent crime. 

"This is a seven day a week program," Lt. Williams Gibbs said. "There's no day off." 

Officers have seized a wide variety of weapons. Police showed us photos of a Tommy Gun taken into evidence and even an FNH, so dangerous gun some refer to it as a "cop killer." 

"When you evaluate who you're dealing with, and they have guns that can penetrate armor, yeah, it's a bad situation," Hibbs said. 

The 9th Mobile Division uses tips and data to decide where to focus their efforts.

Hibbs says the maps showing "hot spots" usually overlap with where the guns are being seized. 

The officers patrolling the city's most dangerous streets have been seizing more and more stolen guns over the last year. 

For example, police say in July of 2015, LMPD officers found three stolen guns. For July of 2016, that number is 19. 

"If you want one, you can get one," Hibbs said. 

So where are the stolen guns coming from? Hibbs calls it a crime of opportunity. 

"Criminals come out, and they're going around, trying door handles, breaking windows, and if you have these possessions in your vehicle, they're going to take them," he said. 

And then the officers are left to find them and get them out of the wrong hands. 

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