BARDSTOWN, Ky. (WDRB) -- As Brylin Stone walked out the door of his friend’s home on Mary Drive on Friday morning, police say he was hit by at least one gunshot.

"He was leaving, and as he was leaving, we heard a gunshot,” said Connie Sue Hardin, who lives in the home.

"Me and my son just looked at each other like, what happened? Then we heard Brylin scream. He screamed for Bobby to come help him. My son.”

Hardin says her son went outside to help his friend, then called 911.

"I was afraid he was gonna get shot, you know, because I didn't know who shot him. Or who was out here,” Hardin said.

Though Bardstown Police say Stone was taken to a hospital, officers have not commented on his condition.

Within 24 hours of the shooting, four people were jailed in the case.

The alleged gunman, Charles Poynter, and another man, Daniel Greenwell, were charged with attempted murder and robbery.

Tonya Johnson and her daughter, Brianna Saunders, were charged with complicity to robbery.

According to investigators, Saunders has a child with the victim.

"I heard that her and her momma was planning on robbing Brylin a week before he got shot,” Hardin said.

Bardstown Police seem to agree with at least part of Hardin’s theory.

Court documents allege the mother and daughter were “involved in setting up the robbery.” The paperwork says the pair claimed they were at the scene, but they were just there “buying meth”.

Hours after the shooting, Saunders even took to Facebook, mentioning Stone’s name.

“Say a prayer for him,” she posted. “I kno [sic] he will be fine tho [sic]. God has him 100%.”

As for Greenwell, when officers pulled him over, they say he had a “large sum of money and drugs”. Police say some of that could have been taken from the victim’s truck.

"I think they need to pay for what they've done, because that man ... he just had a baby, and he's 20 years old, and me and my son care a lot about him. He's a real good man,” Hardin said.

All four suspects are being held in the Nelson County Detention Center.

Jail staff says all of them refused an interview request from WDRB.

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