LOUISVILLE, Ky. (WDRB) -- There may not be a single thing Penny the Boston Terrier loves more than chasing around a good bubble.

Most people get a big kick out of the show this 9-year-old puts on. Her owner, Madalyn Anderson, doesn't get tired of it either. 

"She's such a wonderful dog," Anderson said.

That's because last Easter, Penny came down with meningitis, a neurological disease that's dangerous and often ends a dog's life.

It took its toll on Penny too. She was paralyzed. 

"Her eyes were about the only thing that could move," explained veterinarian, Dr. Forrest Cummings.

"I didn't know what to do," Anderson said.

Some told Anderson that it might be best just to say goodbye.

"I said that's not an option," she said.

Anderson rolled Penny around in a wagon for more than a month, while a mix of medicine, acupuncture and water exercise at Blue Pearl Pet Hospital slowly but surely got Penny moving again. 

Dr. Cummings said she's made a huge turnaround.

Today, she's almost back to the dog she's always been: running around and chasing those bubbles.

It was a rough ride for a determined dog and owner that had the fight in them to bring the Boston Terrier back from the brink.

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