BARDSTOWN, Ky. (WDRB) -- With an array of donations, St. Vincent de Paul Mission Store is stocked with clothing, furniture and other items sold at low prices to help those in need.

“We help people. That’s our main job,” said Susan Hamilton Hardin, the charity's executive director.

The charity runs a food pantry, as well. It's also known for assisting low-income families with rent, utilities and food.

Hardin says she's not surprised thieves have hit the Mission Store in the past, once climbing into a donation box and stealing 70 to 80 items.

Over the weekend though, the truck used by St. Vincent de Paul for almost all of its pickups and deliveries was stolen from the Mission Store parking lot in Bardstown.

The next day, the truck was found on its side in a creek about 10 miles away near Old Bloomfield Road and Russell Road.

It was totaled and little could be salvaged.

"We had just put new tires on, and we had just fixed the air conditioning," Hardin said. "That's our truck, and it's mainly used to assist people in the community, mainly low-income, and for somebody to come and take it, it's just a real disappointment and a sign of the times to me."

The charity also has a box truck, but Hardin says it's a gas-guzzler and has its share of mechanical problems, so a big part of St. Vincent de Paul's efforts will now come to a screeching halt.

“We would very much appreciate whatever could be done for us, and in turn, it’s helping all of the community," Hardin said.

Hardin hopes someone in the community can help the charity get a new pickup truck.

She also wants the thief or thieves who did this to be caught.

"I think justice should be served, but we added them to our prayer list and have been praying for them every morning,” Hardin said.

The St. Vincent de Paul Mission Store is located at 310 N. Second Street in Bardstown. The store can be reached at 502-348-9752.

Anyone with information on the case is asked to contact the Nelson County Sheriff’s Office at 502-348-1840.

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