LOUISVILLE, Ky. (WDRB) -- Louisville Metro Council members say that for the first time in several years, they are hearing the cry and discontent from the community over graffiti on brick buildings, window fronts, traffic signals -- the list goes on. 

The canvas for graffiti knows no bounds.

“I tend to like graffiti,” Jeremy Richthofen said. “It can also be very destructive and disrespectful, depending on what the graffiti is.”

Beautiful murals spruce up blank neighborhood walls, but when you take a wider look, some now include unwanted paint with tags and vulgar language.

“It becomes kind of a badge of we're not taking care of our community like we need too,” District 8 Metro Councilman Tom Owen told WDRB News.

He said it has become a symbol of disorder across the city.

Thousands of cars drive the streets of Louisville every day, and graffiti tagged on buildings is a daily sight. However, city leaders say actually removing it is a lot more complicated than it seems.

Having crews remove the paint on city property is one thing, removing it from private property is another.

City leaders say there is a series of steps that must be taken, including getting permission from the building owner, to remove the graffiti.

Then comes the question: Is it vandalism or art?

“I don't have much toleration of patience for either one frankly,” Owen said.

“If it's art that's uplifting people, I think that it's good,” Zach Johnson said.

Johnson is talking about graffiti on a building near his home that reminds people to smile, but perhaps the solution to it all is more simple than expected.

“I think it would be neat for a business to put up a wall for artists to have free range, something like that,” Richthofen said.

If you'd like to report graffiti, you can contact your local council person or make a service request online by clicking here.

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