NOTE: Audio of both the 911 calls and the police scanner conversations can be heard by clicking on the videos above. They are in separate videos. In the audio of the 911 calls, addresses and phone numbers have been redacted by police. WDRB has redacted addresses and phone numbers from the audio of the police scanner conversations.

LOUISVILLE, Ky. (WDRB) -- Louisville Metro Police have released the 911 calls, as well as the police scanner audio, related to the Aug. 8 shooting of a man on Broadleaf Drive. 

LMPD Chief Steve Conrad says three officers were responding to a domestic dispute at an apartment on Broadleaf Drive about 1:30 a.m. that Monday. That's off Cane Run Road near Crums Lane. 

Conrad says 57-year-old Darnell Wicker came out of the apartment armed with a knife and what he called "another edged weapon" that may have been a tree saw or a machete.  

Officers told him to drop his weapons, but instead, Wicker allegedly charged the officers. Chief Conrad says two officers shot Wicker to protect their lives. Wicker died at the scene. 

On Thursday afternoon, police released the audio of both the 911 calls and the conversations that took place between officers and dispatchers over the police scanner.

The 911 calls help to paint a picture of what some believe was happening before the shooting.

"Her boyfriend had kicked in her door and was in the house..." said one caller, allegedly referring to Wicker. "He's taken stuff out like he's trying to leave, but he had kicked her door in and was already in when we pulled up."

"He's still in the house, collecting items," the caller added. "And he's got a knife in his hand."

A moment later: "He just put the knife down on the table, and now he's over here playing with his bike."

The dispatcher can be heard asking if there are any domestic violence orders against Wicker, and the caller replies, that she doesn't know of any. 

"We'll get the next available units dispatched out," the dispatcher says. "You say he has put the knife down?"

"He picked it back up, and he's gone back in the house, so I don't know what he's doing in there," the caller answered.

Audio of the police scanner records the dispatchers sending officers to the of the domestic violence run on Broadleaf Drive.

"All cars: [HOUSE NUMBER REDACTED] Broadleaf, apartment number 4," the dispatcher says. "It's going to be on a domestic with violence. Complainant advises her mother and boyfriend are having a dispute. The boyfriend kicked the door in and has a knife in his hand. His name is Darnell Wicker. He's a black male, missing his front teeth, dark shirt, blue jeans. He was on a pink and dark blue bike and said he was coming inside the location."

After the shooting, an officer reports into dispatch:

"225 Charlie. We have one male down," an officer reports. "We have... shots fired right now."

"225 Charlie. What's your location?" the dispatcher replies. 

"223 Charlie. I am at the Broadleaf apartment number 4."

The dispatcher then sends other police cars to the Broadleaf location.

"225 Charlie, radio," a police officer calls from the scene. "Um... send... EMS code, code three for a black male shot numerous times." 

Moments later: ""225 Charlie, radio. Um... 10-86 for EMS. Send them, um, code three. He's looking pretty bad. He's not conscious or alert. He's breathing, though, and I need... 229 here."

Less than a minute later, the officer calls again: "See if you can tell, I guess, I guess, EMS to pick it up. He's not breathing anymore, it doesn't look like."

Meanwhile, dispatchers were taking 911 calls from callers who say they heard gunshots. One caller told the dispatcher that she could hear gunshots coming from Shanks Lane.

"How many shots did you hear?" the dispatcher asked. 

"How many shots did we hear?" the caller asked a male in the background.

"It sounded like a frickin' machine gun going off!" the male voice replied.

"It was quite a few," the caller said. 

The police scanner recordings shed light on what was continuing to happen at the scene.

"Your med unit is only at 17th and Broadway at this moment," a dispatcher told an officer at the scene.

"Okay, he is not alert or, or breathing anymore at this time," the officer replied.

"All right, I'm going to copy Fire," the dispatcher said. 

"And homicide, please. And P-I-U." 

"10-4," the dispatcher said. 

"I have a larger crowd showing up," the officer said. "If you can have those other cars step it up, please."

"Radio to any unit on Broadleaf that can advise," the dispatcher began, a short time later. "My supervisor is asking if it's officer-involved." 

"Yes, it is," an officer replied.

"Radio, 225 Charlie. Is anybody hurt? Any officers hurt?" the dispatcher asked.

"Everybody's good, ma'am," a voice replies.


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