GE Appliances is turning devastation into beauty where a building burned down last year.

In April 2015, building six at Appliance Park was destroyed.

“It was just a very dramatic event for all of us,” said Brigitte Mader-Urschel, a GE sustainability council leader.

Building six housed Derby Industries and a GE parts warehouse.

“It's a shocking event when you see one of your manufacturing buildings that many people work in for many years go up in flames,” Mader-Urschel said.

Investigators say the cause of the fire is undetermined, but they believe it was likely sparked by lightning or electrical damage from heavy rain.

“We looked at rebuilding,” Mader-Urschel said. ”We looked at making a parking lot out of it. There were many different options we considered.”

More than a year later, we now know what will become of the space.

“We're going to turn it into a sustainable meadow,” Mader-Urschel said.

It's a pile of dirt now, but in just months, it will be a field with a grassy walking path.

“There are different habitats,” Mader-Urschel said. “There are woodlands. There are native shrubs. We have a pollinator habitat right here.”

“We will create a monarch waystation.” Mader-Urschel said. “So the monarch butterflies, as they're migrating from Canada to Mexico, can have a place to stop by here. Kentucky is on one of the migrating paths.”

Some employees at Appliance Park like to exercise during breaks.

“Health for our employees has been a big initiative for a long time for our company,” Mader-Urschel said.

This will be a place for them to exercise, and it's sustainable.

“We estimate that this is reducing our rooftop space and our heat footprint by about 5-10 percent by turning it into a green space,” Mader-Urschel said.

Grass, flowers and trees will be planted in the fall.  The meadow is expected to be complete in the spring.  

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