This is an open letter to Donald J. Trump, Republican candidate for President of the United States:  

Dear Sir -- you are blowing it. You are running against one of the most disliked, distrusted candidates our country has ever seen. You should have won this election easily. All you had to do was stay on message since the convention, play defense and don't bicker with people who are unimportant to your message. Can't you see the Democrats set you up by having the parents of a fallen soldier pick a fight with you? And you walked right into their trap.  

You are spewing every random thought that pops into your head as though it might be gold. You're saying really dumb things, sir, and now you have people who want to vote for you wondering if they can. 

What are you doing? At this point, stay on the script. Use the teleprompter. At least consider the advice of experienced Republicans who are trying to help you. This was your election to lose and sure enough, you look to be losing it. You are coming off as unstable with no attention span - not even close to appearing presidential. Stay focused for a minute.   

If you're not going to win, I would rather see Hillary beat you in a tough fight than to see you melt down and lose it all by yourself.

Signed, Bill Lamb -- a U.S. voter who isn't happy with either choice.