LOUISVILLE, Ky. (WDRB) -- Meet Matthew Meuser.

He's a husband, a father ... and a professional Pokemon chauffeur.

"I cashed some money out of my 401K, bought a van, designed a wrap and put the wrap on," Meuser said.

This entrepreneur caters to the generation glued to their phone.

"PokeHunter Louisville" is pretty straightforward. You get a group, you pay, he drives, then you play. Meuser's mission is to take you to the places in Kentuckiana that are a Pokemon hunter's paradise.

"This is the spot," a PokeHunter said at one stop. "This is the honey hole."

The next time you're walking down the street and see the big yellow blur wiz past you...

"If you see something yellow, it's either a taxi cab or something sporting Pikachu," another PokeHunter said.

But remember, wasted time means your're missing out on a plethora of Pokemon to your personal collection.

"You really have to give us a call to catch them all!" Meuser said.

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